Service Strategy

Not only is IT an asset of an organization but also it is a competitive advantage. We view communication as a critical factor of building up this competitive advantage; therefore, the first phase of NCHK Service Life Cycle is as to understanding client’s background and culture, gathering client requirements, which includes the word-of-mouth and underlying needs that clients may ignore, as well as understanding client’s business strategies on which the IT should align.
Moreover, we comprehend the current IT infrastructures of our clients to give suitable and realistic suggestions.

In general, we provide the following services to satisfy our goal in Service Strategy:
  • Service Scope & Life Cycle Identification
  • Client Study
  • Hardware and Software Asset Management (HSAM)


Service Transition

NCHK Consultants and Technical Managers understand that the transition between strategy and operation is significant as all goals need to be implemented in a managed and traceable way. Therefore, once we interpret all strategic factors, we transit them into operational level by performing standard and systematic analysis. Service Transition ensures the resources are casted to proper aspects, employees have general guidelines and processes are clarified.

In general, we provide the following services to satisfy our goal in Service Transition:
  • IT Policy Setup
  • Risk Analysis


Service Operation

After transiting all goals into operational methods, NCHK Service Engineers will alter the existing IT infrastructure according to the blueprint with least interruption of the business. In this phase, all conceptual strategies are transferred to concrete operations.

In general, we provide the following services to satisfy our goal in Service Operation:
  • IT Infrastructure Management (ITIM )
  • Information Security Management (ISM)


Service Control

NCHK view our service to clients as endless process as we know that the environment is always changing which affects the attitudes and strategies of our clients. Thus, while maintaining the IT infrastructure in an organization, we also examine the change of client’s strategy, the acceptance of end-users, as well as the change of the environment including the competitors of our clients, the trend of IT Technology, regulations, etc.
We provide an annual review meeting and report besides regular meetings in year, to perform not only the computer network but also scrutiny, as we hope to increase our clients’ competitive ability, strengthen our relationship and understand client’s expectations better.

In general, we provide the following services to satisfy our goal in Service Control:
  • User Training
  • Annual Review
  • Service Desk
  • Change Management (CM)
  • Incident Management (IcM)


Continuous Improvement Programme (CIP)

NCHK which has instituted Continuous Improvement Programme (CIP) is an enthusiastic and willing-to-improve company. No matter what challenges from IT area we encounter, NCHK persists in providing quality service to our clients.

CIP is a continuous quest to improve the quality of our service and client satisfaction. It is an internal programme to control and review our service continuously to ensure it is quality-assured, follows Service Scope & Service Life Cycle and satisfies our clients.

In this programme, not only do we discover the problems reactively but we also reveal any opportunity to improve proactively. After identifying processes which should be improved, we generate solutions or a set of new procedures innovatively




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