Service Scope & Life Cycle Definition

Creating a precise service plan and service life cycle which suit for different clients, NCHK views different clients as unique individual so that we provide tailor-made solutions to them.


Client Study

Understanding client backgrounds, cultures and IT infrastructures are one of the most important parts in our service as communication can always lead good cooperation.


Risk Analysis

Finding out all potential risks and selecting most effective safeguards to control them above the baseline while the cost is considerable ensures the risk control and cost are in balance.


Annual Review

Technical Review and Annual Scrutiny are carried out every year to estimate and improve the IT Infrastructure which may not up-to-dated or less competitive comparing with other client’s competitors, as well as examine our performance and client’s satisfaction to find out any opportunities for improvement.


Change Management (CM)

The internal and external environments have been changing while a bit of change in the IT infrastructure can disturb the business a lot. Therefore, we handle all changes of configuration items to control IT infrastructure in order to minimize the number and impact of any incidents upon service.

  • Request of Change
  • Hardware Check-in/Check-out
  • Software Check-in/Check-out
  • Other Devices Check-in/Check-out
  • Inventory Update
  • Reporting

Incident Management (IcM)

With minimizing suspension to the business by restoring service operation to agreed level as quickly as possible at a cost-effective price, we understand it is important for you to prospect all IT incidents so that you can perceive the current status of the IT in your organization; therefore, a web-based Log System, to which end-users use it enter IT incidents, would be applied to record and track all incidents while it also generates reports.

  • Incident Recording
  • Classification and Initial Support
  • Resolution and Recovery
  • Incident Closure
  • Incident Monitoring


IT Infrastructure Management (ITIM)

A comprehensive IT framework is the keystone to a healthy and cost effective IT system. With solid experience in IT troubleshooting, NCHK has developed a fast and accurate supporting framework to bring about clients customized and strategic IT infrastructure and workstations’ stability.

  • Planning
  • Hardware and Software Procurement
  • Installation
  • Acceptance Test
  • Evaluation
  • Monitoring


User Training

We provide training to end users to ensure them understanding how to access the network while increasing the working efficiency, quality and utility.


Information Security Management (ISM)

Aligning IT security with business security and to ensure that information security is effectively managed in all service management activities by performing different proactive plan, such as Contingency Plan and Data Life Cycle Control.

  • Policy Statement Creation
  • Control Selection
  • Control Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Monitoring

*Control includes:
Preventive Control
  • Control of Access Rights
  • Authourization
  • Identification and Authentication
  • Access Control
  • Remote Access Right
  • End-point Security
  • Patch Deployment

Reductive Control
  • Backup
  • Continuity Plan
  • Data Life Cycle
  • Redundancy

Detective Control
  • Anti-virus Software
  • IPS
  • Anti-spam Software
  • Anti-spyware

Corrective Control
  • Restore Backup


Hardware and Software Asset Management (HSAM)

Maintaining, controlling and verifying the IT asset within client organizations while creating IT asset reports with insights on IT improvement greatly minimizes the administrative cost of locating IT resources.

  • Planning
  • Software Need Analysis
  • Inventory Updating
  • Hardware Use Analysis
  • License Matching
  • Hardware & Software Procurement
  • Spot Check
  • Monitoring


IT Policy Management

Policy implies the goals and objectives in an organization; not only is it a set of constraints or guidelines but it is also a deliberate plan of actions which guides decisions and rational outcomes. Therefore, with transiting client business strategy into IT policy, as well as implementing, controlling and reviewing IT policy and procedure, NCHK treats client’s IT policy as a modifiable deliberate plan which directs an organization to its targeted outcomes.

  • Problem Identification
  • Research and Preparation
  • Policy and Procedure Setup
  • Review and update


Service Desk

It is a single contact point for end-users to get assistances on IT-related issues. Our experienced Service Engineers will provide professional advices and resolutions to end-users so that there are least suspensions on their works.

With our Log System, users could enter their problems so that our Service Engineers would solve the problems speedily. Workstation Upkeep Service includes:

  • Telephone Support
  • Regular On Site Support
  • Ad hoc On Site Support
  • Emergency Support
  • Remote Support



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